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About Fitzhugh Media

Two words sum up what we produce: Digital Media.

Fitzhugh Media is an integrated media and publishing company, whose principal business is producing digital content for worldwide consumption. Our services include website design, Internet marketing, postproduction audio editing, logo design, and our flagship product, The Southwest Star Magazine.

Why digital media?

To quote a catchphrase credited to bank robber Willie Sutton - "Because that's where the money is." The founder of Fitzhugh Media wrote freelance magazine articles for over 15 years. He still subscribes to hardcopy magazines and has a physical newspaper delivered to his home six days per week. However, he's a minority. There's nothing wrong with paper, but modern consumers both want and use digital media. Traditional hardcopy is going the way of cave drawings.

Think about this; Have you used the yellow pages lately? Do you pick up the phone and call the companies you see on bus stop benches or billboards? For most Americans the answer is "No". That's because internet marketing is the leading mode of advertising available today.

Still not convinced? In 2014, the New York Times released their Innovation Report. It's a 97 page report that outlines the challenges facing the print industry and the New York Times in particular. In the report, the New York Times states they have 1.25 million print subscribers. They also state they have 30 million web readers per month and 20 million of them are on mobile devices. People read in a digital format. They read primarily with smartphones and tablets. In fact, tablets are expected to outsell PCs by 2015. That forecast isn't something I've dreamt up. That's from Forbes, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Information Week, PC World, USA Today, Business Insider, and every other news outlet. Two other important players are saying the same thing - Microsoft and Google. Your target customers use digital media and you should be where the money is.

The Southwest Star Magazine

The southwest is the largest Mercedes-Benz and Porsche market in the United States. We fill the needs of this large and active community with a digital publication. That publication is The Southwest Star Magazine.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so read an issue and let us know what you think. If you're into car culture and enjoy attending events, hopefully this will turn you on to some new things and help keep you involved.

Postproduction audio editing

Audio editing is a process where a recorded sound file is cleaned, spliced, added to, consolidated, merged, and/or has parts deleted. When an audio file is created in front of a live audience, both audio and visual senses are at work. This allows the spectator to receive a very clear understanding of the message. When the visual aspects are removed, errors that are typically overlooked will stand out. Pauses, filler words such as umms & ahhs, momentary mistakes that are immediately corrected, repetition, background noises, and things of this type will stand out with a purely audio audience. We correct this. In addition, audio editing is also very useful when a recording must fit a time sensitive slot. In that case, the recording may have to be shortened or extended. We modify audio so as to create a final product that is both error free and has a natural consistency.


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