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The Southwest Star was formed with the goal of providing an independent magazine for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche owners. We understand their passion. This is a group that demands a steady diet of outstanding experiences and the latest information about their favorite manufacturer.

With Mercedes-Benz and Porsche being two manufacturers, some may wonder if we'll run out of things to write about. Not a chance. Although Mercedes-Benz is arguably the world's premier luxury automobile manufacturer, they have many other interests. Along that same line, we cover a lot more than Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our content includes Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, motorsports, innovations, history, lifestyle, philanthropic endeavors, Mercedes-Benz related news, and of course, events. The same is true of Porsche.

Despite a complete lack of advertising, thousands of people found the first edition of The Southwest Star Magazine. When the second edition was released, readership doubled. We're in our fifth year and readership has grown to about a half million per issue. We have a simple marketing strategy; give the magazine away. We're optimistic that if we couple this stratagem with sound editorial content and lavish photography, our circulation base will continue to increase.

Click on an issue, read through it, and let us know what you think. If you're into car culture and enjoy attending events, hopefully this will turn you on to some new things and help keep you involved.